December 5, 2015

The world maybe don't know Indonesia is largest Islam population at this planet, much more large than arabic country. Indonesia also largest maritim country, having around 17000 island. Strategic place for terrorist group to hide, or atleast to dodge from air strike. But why terrorist group such Al-qaeda or ISIS will fail to spread their wing at Indonesia?
Here is 10 reasson why ISIS will fail to spread their wrong jihad to Indonesia

Islam is not endemic religion at Indonesia. Before Islam, most Indonesian people are Budha and Hindi. It figured by many temple exist at Indonesian arceology, such Borobudur temple, Prambanan temple, or Hindi temple at Bali island. Long time ago WALI SONGO (9 Wali) spread Islam religion to Indonesia with music and art. It is not easy to change native believing from Hindi and Budha to Islam religion. And Wali Songo probability will fail if they use "ISIS style" at that time. So they decise to use song, music, and art to introducing Islam to Indonesia, not stop until that, they also do "soft infiltration" to Hindi-Budha by allowing people to keep doing Hindi-Budha traditional ceremony, but replace Hindi-Budha pray to Islamic pray. And the result is change this nation become world largest muslim population. with unique traditional ceremony still exist until today.
Sadly.. what Wali Songo teach long time ago is different 180 degree with ISIS and Al-Qaeda way to introduce Islam. However,, because Wali Songo and Arabic traders who carry Islam to Indonesia with peace and moderative way, Indonesia until now still tolerance to non muslim people and their religion practice. And that supported by goverment moderative policy. Nowday, 5 religion is allowed at Indonesia, which is Islam, Christian, Hindi, Budha, and Catholic.

While at middle east country, people killing each others just because Sunny and Syiah, at Indonesia people can life side by side, not only with non-muslim people, but also with Islam variation. Just like at middle east, at Indonesia exist 2 giant parties. NAHDATUL ULAMA and MUHAMMADIYAH.
Nahdatul Ulama Flag
Muhammadiyah Flag

This 2 parties not replicating Sunny versus Syiah organization. Both created in response to fight "wahabism" movement at Arab Saudi. By time going, this 2 parties have different perception.
Nahdatul Ulama claim Muhamadiyah today influenced by wahabism.
Meanwhile Muhammadiyah rejected pre-islamic tradition (javanese tradition) which is still adopted by Nahdatul Ulama until today.
Because their goal is same but different in concept, "modern way" and "traditional way" they often debating just because some small thing, for example: smoking is haram (not allowed) or makhruh (allowed but not recommended) and sometime much more funny thing, like debating about rebounding yours hair at Islam rules. Funny right..?? 

but sometime goes to seriously deal.. like when Eidhul Fitri come. It involving Satelite (modern way) or based lunar (traditional way) and that still not yet solving a problem. So until now, every year we always have at least 2 until 3 version, when day of 1 Ramadhan come.
what more funny is most of Indonesian people provocated to join debate, but in the end waiting goverment solution.
And goverment rules based democratic way. So.. smoking, rebounding hair, until when you think 1 ramadhan day come.. all is allowed, and all up to you.So when goverment officially announce 1 ramadhan is today and for example, you believe 1 ramadhan is tomorrow, so you gonna going shalat eid tomorrow, you are free to do that and will not go to jail.
Based this different, debate, and solution from goverment, Sunny-Syiah provocation likely will fail at Indonesia. Because no matter seriously that different, it will end at goverment parliament as usually.

Good effect from Nahdatul Ulama contra Muhammadiyah at Indonesia is both side active at many element, from developing islamic school, university, hospital, charity, etc,, include active at political stage, it causing both side active gathering supporter in attempt to keep their domination. It become public secrets they spreading their political agenda to religion element, such Mosque, Islamic school, until university. This action trigger Indonesian goverment to not allowing mosque and public facilities used as political tools. 
However, secretly they still trying to do such practice at anothers place and element. And it push goverment to actively monitor any islamic event to make sure it clean from politic agenda.
With this triangle formation (Nahdatul Ulama, Muhammadiyah, and Goverment monitoring) make radicalist and terrorist group hard to spread their wrong ideology.

Indonesian goverment not allowing public to hands a gun. What legal to have is just limited to air gun with 0.177 caliber. meanwhile 0.22 and above need special license from Police. and will far more difficult if you willing to have fire arms. Registration process will be complex, need pass many test, and it is expensive license. Usually license will issued limited to small caliber and non-machine weapons, such pistol, revolver, or hunting rifle. Gun and bullets trade also highly regulated, so you will not find any store which is selling bullet to public.
Pindad SS2 Assult Riffle

But Indonesia not 100% clean from illegal weapons, some bad military officer, black market dealers and smugglers believed responsible for illegal gun existency. However that ilegal weapon not enought to support any terrorist group in large scale.

Different with arabic country, Indonesia is not massive oil producer. 40% working as farmer. It will be hard for terrorist group to get funding source. The only way terrorist group can do, are depend on donation or robbing bank. by this lack of funding source, no benefit for others country to secretly funding them, it already proven when radical group, G.A.M (Gerakan Aceh Merdeka) trying to declare their independency. They strugle because intense attack from Indonesian military, this group finally fall, run out ammo and money. Later investigation, suspected some rich people from Netherland are behind this funding. So need more than billionare money to fight against Indonesia military power, which is stayed at rank 12 (according GFP 2015). 

Indonesia having special force called DENSUS88 with primary task to tracking and counter attack radical group. In beginning, this special unit are underestimated.  Rumours said they trained by CIA, FBI, Secrets Service, and funded by Australian, make this special force often called as "west dolls"  trigger controvertion, from how they use 88 as name, owl bird as symbols.until how their high risk operation and torture method.

But hi-tech equipment, and extensive training finally make them as effective machine to counter terroristm cells at Indonesia

B.I.N (Badan Intelegen Negara) announcing they put intense surveillance to people who return from middle east country, such return from Turkey, Iraq, Saudi, and Afghanistan. This spying action to preventing ISIS spreading radical wing to Indonesia. No any detail about how intense this operation, but  predicted it goes far until wiring cellphone or put agent near them. This also respont to a report, some Indonesian citizen joined ISIS at middle east. By this intel action, ISIS member will be detected earlier before they gather more people at Indonesia.
I am personally not fully agree to public spying program, but if that spying to stop some uneducated people bombing, killing, and make my religion name looks bad... i will say,, "that maybe okey"

Yes, Indonesia are largest muslim population at this world, but Indonesian people are different with arabic people. Indonesia also not speaking arabic language. Most of indonesian people CAN read arabic font, but CAN NOT translate it. a.k.a  don't know the meaning.
It is maybe funny, but that reality. and speaking english not gonna helping,, most of us get english leasson at school, but limited to basic conversation. So if this article are horrible, that because i learn english from hollywood movie. hahaaa..
with this condition, a terrorist from middle east can't directly visit Indonesia, and teach their wrong jihad ideology, because only 1-2 people will understud arabic, so instead joining ISIS they will scrats their head because confuse.

Different with ISIS and Al-Qaeda which is anti Christian, most of Indonesian muslim can accept christian existency. it because Jesus (more famous called prophet Isya Al-Masih by Indonesian) are considered one of prophet at Islam history. What Indonesian muslim hate is Israel because their war crime to Palestine people. This tolerant to christian also helped because most of Indonesia christian are chinese or local people. Which is not connected to Israel. Muslim at Indonesia also see Israel religion is not christian, but Atheist/Judaism. So there is no reasson for Indonesian muslim to attack christian.
Istiqlal Mosque with Cathedral Church at Jakarta, Indonesia

The world already misunderstanding what jihad mean, and can't be dennied that because some terrorist group like ISIS and Al-Qaeda are using term jihad in their terror attack. In fact, arabic muslim is less than 20% of world muslim population. Meanwhile most of muslim population at Indonesia, India, Nepal, and China. which is not doing that kind of wrong jihad, but likely "must" hold ISIS and Al-Qaeda crime at our shoulder.  Jihad at Indonesian muslim is reffered to deffense country, home, and family from kafir and their evil act. This is why most Indonesian muslim pro Palestine and anti Israel. It is because Palestine people deffense that 3 thing, even it is struggle..
Muhammad give us example of real jihad when defense muslim people at Meccah from Quraish. Sadly what Muhammad teach about jihad, include ethical code such not kill child, women, oldman, not to chop dead body, not to disturb praying, all is broke by today false jihadist.

ISIS already famous with their "oil jihad" others group doing jihad because Sunny-Syiah conflig, anothers else doing jihad simply by killing and bombing all non muslim.
It is very clear, their wrong jihad not to deffense, their land, their family or islam religion. but to spread terror.
And ofcourse  most of moderative muslim will disagree with their wrong jihad.

That is 10 reasson why ISIS or any radical terrorist group will never success at my country Indonesia.
This articel dedicated to clean my religion name.

Indonesia, December 2015
Arif Widayaka

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