December 8, 2015

The terror series from tragedy 9/11, Al-Qaeda, ISIS, until Paris attack, make us wondering who actor behind all this attack. A popular conspiracy about America, Israel, or Sunni are creator of ISIS and others radical islam group. But how if that conspiracy was wrong? We all know who create this terrorist group, the world just pretending don't know.


All that terror series give bad name to Islam, and not wondering if non-islam people blindly labeling Islam as terrorist religion, resulting an islam phobia. Meanwhile the real creator of all that terror, pray, eat, and sleep with nicely. And make others Islamic secte, such Sunni, Syiah, Sufi, Ahmadiyah, etc are become blacksheep, blammed for wahhabis bad habbits.

For thos who don't know yet, who is Wahhabism, the short answers is Saudi Arabia. This most evil islamic secte and nation with many different name (Wahhabism, Salafis, Ultraconservative Sunni, Puritan, Reform movement, Fundamentalis Sunni). This country already start their terror since longtime ago, not only with non islam country, but also with others islamic country/people which don't have same ideology with them. Idea about killing, burning, destroying, and spread terror. An idea which not part of Islam.

Wahhabism responsible for destroy islamic historical building. And change jihad mean, to kill everyone who disagree with their ANTI MUSYRIK (polytheism). Their main goal is purify Islam religion from islam variation (sect), and clean this world from others religion as well, by funding and arming their remote terrorist group (ISIS, Al-Qaeda, Boko Haram, Taliban, etc) and use Sunni name to hide their crime.


1. destroy tomb of Husyen ibn Ali (Muhammad's grandson)
2. destroy tomb of Ali bin Abu Talib (Son in law of Muhammad)
3. destroy Fatimah grave (Muhammad's daughters)
4. destroy Aminah grave (Muhammad's Mother)
5. arming radical muslim with smuggled weapon, to kill islam minority group.
6. change definition of takfir and introduce jihad by suicide bombing.
7. do black campaigh, doctrine, and influence the world to hate Moderate Sunni, Syiah, Sufi, Ahmmadiyah, and others minority islam secte.


Since created around 1920's, wahhabism already use "proxy war" tactic, by using Sunni (majority of muslim) as their mask. This also helped because Saudi wahhabism ideology (by destroying grave) often mix with "There is no God except Allah" and because their control over Mecca and Madina, make wahhabism radical ideology infecting moderate sunni globally.

Saudi investing money 2-3 $ billion per year to build mosque, islamic school, until university to spread their anti polytheism doctrine to this world. This much more bigger than Soviet propaganda money, which is just around 1$ billion per year.
The source of their funding doctrine came from Saudi oil expansion, begine at 1975. So now more than 1500 mosque, 210 islamic center, and dozen of islamic school spreaded at many country, include Europe and USA,  teaching wahhabism ideology to change muslim mind, from moderate sunni to become radical wahhabism terrorist.

Not stop until muslim brain washing, Saudi also give their politic influence to USA, with strong politic lobby, and oil-money, not wondering if any country who disagree with wahhabism become US enemy, example is Iran, Syriah, Iraq. To get attack/sanction by US and their ally, some reasson needed. From hiding nuke bom, breaking human right, or dictatorship. Unfortunately for them, US only believe to limited source as their intel, one of them is Saudi Arabia.


Indeed Saudi Arabia religion is Islam too. But wahhabist ideology is not part of Islam. Some of their ideology even contra with Quran and Hadis (Hadith), here is different of radical wahhabism with Islam

Wahhabism teaching to execute infidel (takfir) and also muslim people whos not defense tawhid.
Islam religion always give a second chance to anyone to change.

Wahhabism intolerant with others islam secte, calling them satanic muslim, do mass murder to minority group.
Islam is big religion, with over than 1.6billion muslim. Some culture and tradition will different between practitioner.

Wahhabism destroy all historical building and grave of Muhammad family with reasson anti polytheism.
Muslim whos visit it (called ziyara) are still praying to Allah, and ziyara is Sunnah (recommended to do) at Islam.

Wahhabism change mean of jihad and introduce offensive jihad with bombing, included suicide bombing.
Real jihad at Islam is the last deffensive attack to deffense a good thing.

Wahhabism not give a freedom to women, only use them as sexual subject.
Except become Imam (leader of prayer) Islam deffense right of women.

From how ISIS act, publishing chopp head video, smuggling oil, destroying historical building, do offensive jihad, until use drugs and do sexual violance to women.. it is not secrets anymore.. ISIS is not Islam but wahhabism terrorist group. ISIS goal is to clean this world from infidel as their wrong ideology of jihad and takfir.
And no any country where wahhabism goverment and their crazy ideology exist, except at Saudi Arabia
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