September 2, 2015

Blogger difficult earn money from ads network lately, because many users install browsers extension to stop showing ads. This Adblock and others similar extension is challenge for blogger. Moreover adblock today more intellegent by turning off javascript, until hiding from anti adblock detection.
To solving this problem, here new anti adblock script, this script covering yours blog by displaying warning picture to users with adblock turned on.
This anti adblock script also display warning message when users turn of javascript. This is forcing type script, so the only way to view yours blog is disable adblock, and turn on javascript.

And if users with adblock choose to run away, you still get benefit because yours blog are loaded at background, even with adblock turned on,, so,, atleast give SEO benefit by counted as visitor at statistic.


To install anti adblock script, just copy code inside text area below and go to Blogger-->Layout--> Add HTML/Javascript, then paste the code, and save it.

to change image, replace

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