August 29, 2015

Some website maybe blocked by your ISP, or by Firewall at School, Office, Public Hotspot, etc.
And how if we can't install VPN sofware or browsers extensions, because we use public computer company computer or don't have administrator privilage level?

Here is easy guide how to unblock/unlock any blocked website without VPN or instal any software.


First method to unblock website is using webproxy. This way is the most easy and simple solution to unblock web cencorship without VPN. Very useful when using company computer, school, and any public computer. Because you may be don't want to change or install any new software on that computer. And all you need to do is visit webproxy below, then typing yours blocked url at that website form.
Free safe ip
Instant unblock
Prox free
Video unblock
Unblock Proxy

That only few example of webproxy, so many web proxy out there. Unlocking restricted website by using this method will leave system clean without any change. No need install VPN and even no need browsers extensions.  And others people will not knowing you open adult, porn, youtube, netflix, social media website, or others blocked website.  Because at browsers history, you only visiting that webproxy adress, yours real destination url not recorded at browsers bar history.  Unblock restricted website with this method also can be applied to mobile device, such smartphone or tablet.


Second method need change to internet setting, and more suitable if website blocked by ISP cencorship rather than Firewall filtering.
Advantage of this method is more "privacy concern" and more secure, if you enter some private and sensitive data at yours online activity.
It is because first method (by using webproxy) are involving 3rd party server to bypass network restriction/cencorship, so proxy server use "cookies" to boost data transfer. But server owners can looks into that data, because theorically it stored at server. Same condition when using VPN software.  There is no big different. Some people out there use some technique to intercept both TSL and SSL encryption. Called M.I.M (Man In Middle).
So, short to say.. to unblock restricted website without 3rd parties server, can be done by changing DNS number. At internet setting, go to DNS setting, and change your DNS number.
Common DNS number to unlock blocked web is by using Google DNS and and here some others DNS list which you can used to unblock restriction.
US - Google Public DNS         
US - OpenDNS           
RU - Yandex                   
US - Level 3 - A          
US - Level 3 - B                  
US - Level 3 - C                  
US - Level 3 - D                  
US - Norton DNS       
US - Comodo Secure DNS   
US - Dyn                     
US - OpenNIC            
UK - Bulldog 1           
UK - Bulldog 2            
UK - Internap              
UK - Fast Broadband  
US - Advantage          
US - Sprint                  
US - SmartViper         
US - Unotelly              
US - AT&T DNS          
US - CenturyLink DNS
US - Hurricane Electric
DE - FoolDNS            
BG - Mega Lan           
AU - Exetel                    
SE - T3                        
US - Cisco                   
FR - Anonymous DNS
US - Anonymous DNS
FR - Anonymous DNS
CH - Anonymous DNS   

Change DNS to unblock internet filtering / cencorship is not only to keep privacy secure, since not use any proxy server, but also believed by some internet expert out there, ISP dns could be slow due high traffic. So changing DNS may increasing your internet speed.
And by the way... this setting not only applied to yours browsers, but also all software/program which required internet connection will be unblocked. For example is downloader software. If webproxy method only unblock yours browsers, but not for yours downloader software. With DNS method you will able to download any file or video from restricted web.
What video are you try to download broo..??? hohohooo :D

Ok,, thats all about  simple tutorial to unblock internet filtering/cencorship without VPN software or install any extension. Hope useful for you.

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