September 20, 2015

The hacker group, known as AnonGhost, reported gain access to credit card credentials after hacking into dozens of Israel websites. AnonGhost told, they had been donating $18,000 to an unspecified number of Palestinian charities using stolen credit cards from Israel.

"We hope that we will make Israel lose money and as much possible"

Evidence of donation was posted online by AnonGhost in the form of screenshots, which show thousands of dollars being donated to "Keeping the Children of Gaza Alive" an apparent Palestinian fund raising campaign that accepts donations on the website FundRazr.
FundRazer confirms that separate payments of $2,000 and $200 were received from a user named “Anonghost Team”


FundRazer is campaign launched by Shabad Saini.
Funds donated to Saini's campaign go to support Compassionate Hearts 4 Gaza, an organization that claims to be based in Rafah, a refugee camp located in the southern Gaza Strip, which makes regular distributions of food, clothing, and medical supplies to the people of Gaza.  according to the FundRazr campaign.


The hacker group's members have been ordered by Mauritania Attacker to continue hacking Israeli websites. AnonGhost group has been starting a cyber attack against Israel since 2008. According to Mauritania Attacker, the figure closer to 10,000 website.
Some of the websites defaced by AnonGhost included photos of militants holding the Islamic State (ISIS) flag, also known as the "Black Standard." Mauritania Attacker says the group is not officially associated with ISIS but that some of the members support them, including himself.
Example of AnonGhost Defacing


The group's activities often associated with Anonymous hacker group in various news report. But according to Mauritania Attacker, his group is not affiliated with that hacktivist group,

"We were never associated with Anonymous. They're a group of kids with masks that play with keyboards"
But Anonymous Group also engaged in a long-term cyber attack against Israel. The campaign was started at november 2012.
Anonymous launched "Operation Israel" or #OpIsrael this hashtag also adopted by AnonGhost. This co-adoption, along with the group's "anon" branded name, likely contributes to the confusion over AnonGhost with Anonymous.
As a result of Anonymous cyber attack campaign, Israeli websites endured more than 60 million DDOS attack. In a video released by Anonymous-affiliated hacktivists vowed to unleash an “electronic holocaust” on Israel.
"As we did many times, we will take down your servers, government websites, Israeli military websites, and Israeli institutions" the group warned.
The subsequent cyber attacks, however, were widely reported by security analysts as the weakest so far in the long #OpIsrael campaign, with only few goverment websites effected.

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