September 20, 2015

Ashley Madison popular dating website hacked by some group of hacker and finally sensitive data goes to public. This data, leaking over 40 million Ashley Madison member profile. Included personal data, email, login password, credit card, and transaction history, along with their secrets and dirty cheating activity, This group of hacker post that data online at TOR deepweb and to download it need use "onion" adress through TOR browsers.


Ashley Madison use BCRYPT cryptograhy, and should be take around 10 years to crack it. However a hacker proof it wrong, and they can crack it so fast. It predicted only take few week and they got more than 300Gb Ashley Madison private data. This also because Ashley Madison member use too simple and easy to cracked password.
Password leaked from Ashley Madison member data, unearthed by the decoding hobbyists known as CynoSure Prime so far suggest that many who were seeking thrills on the infidelity-focused site had poor digital hygiene, certainly strange behaviour for such a supposedly secretive site.
The top password used by Ashley Madison member is 123456. The other passwords that made the top five aren’t much better: 12345, password, DEFAULT, and 123456789.
“We worked hard to make fully undetectable attack, then got in and found nothing to bypass….Nobody was watching. No security. Only thing was segmented network. You could use Pass1234 from the internet to VPN to root on all servers.”
told mister hacker.

According some source, this hacker nearly impossible to be tracked, since they release .TXT format in first security breach, which contained less metadata compared to others format. and then they publish that hacked Ashley Madison member data, at TOR network, providing anonymity for them.
Some strange at Ashley Madison hacking case, unlike SQL-injection attack, this hacker leaving no damage, sparking theory, the hacker using new method that never used before or this hacker maybe someone inside Avid Life Media Company, or someone whos have root access to their database. So technically not hacking, but stealing.


Avid Life Media however keep Ashley Madison online after this security breach, and promising to customers, network security already increased way more better. They also claiming they already tracking this hacker. But this hacker still not done yet, and release anothers hacked data, and possibility more data could come in future.
Claim and warranty from Avid Life Media wouldn’t matter for the Ashley Madison member, whose their secrets cheating information had been exposed to public. Any increased security is useless and too late for them.
Now they face the greatest fallout from this security breach, public embarrassment, the wrath of angry partners who may have been victims of their cheating, and potential fraud from anyone who may now downloading and use that personal data and bank credit card information which is exposed in the data released by a hacker.
Some of them will get alot public attention and critic, because from this hacked Ashley Madison member data, over 15000 email are .gov and .mil adresses. This indicating goverment and military officer also become member of this dating website. And now confirmed, some of public figure are really become member of Ashley Madison,


However, that .mil and .gov email adresses not 100% indicator goverment officer involved at this dirty activity. since Ashley Madison not having email verification process, to verify members email.
Anothers interesting fact about this secrets cheating and dating site, their member maybe dominated by fake female account, operated by scammer to scam other member. This like what a hacker whos crack Ashley Madison, wrote:
“We have explained the fraud, deceit, and stupidity of ALM and their members. Now everyone gets to see their data…. Keep in mind the site is a scam with thousands of fake female profiles. See ashley madison fake profile lawsuit; 90-95% of actual users are male. Chances are your man signed up on the world’s biggest affair site, but never had one. He just tried to. If that distinction matters.”

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