September 10, 2015

You probability already read about DEEP WEB. Or perhaps already watch explaination at Youtube, maybe with title like
"Thing You don't know about Deep Web"
"What is Deep Web"
"Most Creapy Thing at Deep Web"

Then after all story about deep web, you become interested to deep web, and browsing tutorial to enter deep web. Maybe with expectation to get some information about alien, UFO, goverment secrets experiment, or new planet out there? Or maybe just want to know if you really could hire proffesional "hitman"? looking for some gun seller at deepweb? or maybe wanna purchase some hacking tool to earn money or to take down goverment website ?.

All story about deep web at youtube, reddit, and others website are very interesting, exciting, and attracting our attention to find out.

But not all about deep web / darknet, are really true, and some information are misleading, and become common mistake out there, here is 4 basic wrong thing about deep web you need to know, and why you should not go there..


Almost all tutorial, guide, video, and article about deep web will saying,
"according some security analyz, deep web is far more large, and bigger than normal web"
Is, that really true ?
Yes, 50% true. Another 50% is false..
And maybe become underlined question, how actually people translating deep web meaning.

In technical meaning, deep web is website which not showed at Search Engine, it mean not indexed by Google Crawler/ Similar search engine. So normal internet users can't find it with regular search. Then final idea is that kind of website = hidding something = Deep Web.

Just some info, if you don't know yet, Google and others Search Engine not indexing:
1. Dynamic Content.
    Content which need specified query, flash, javascript, ajax, input form, etc.
2. Unlinked Content.
    Content/Page which don't have refferer (inbound link)
3. Private Page.
    Website or page, which required you to login/register to get in.
4. Non HTML Content.
    Content file which need to encoded. Image, Video, software, zip, rar, etc.
5. Content hosted at specified protocol.
    FTP protocol, Gopher, etc. Search engine only showing result for http and https.
6. Anti bot and customized header.
    Page/Web which not allowing bot to access and protected with authentication, to verify you are human, or page with non standart http header, to preventing bot creating cache.
If deep web is all about that, then yes,, Deep web far more large and bigger than normal web. Because theorically, almost all website is having dynamic content, multimedia file, membership area, database and host file. So almost all website = Deep Web.
I also can turn this blog easily become deep web, by change setting, to member only can view this blog, and set google index to, no.
But i believe that is not deep web we are talk about. In most people mindset,, deepweb is more to web with secrets clubs.


So,, how you can find and enter deep web? It required advanced protocol
That leading perception, some people or a group, hidding information from public or goverment expose.
And yes,, early popularity of deep web is among hacktivist, to get communicated each others, planning some hacking, or exchange some file and info. To avoid goverment monitoring they need to become anonymous, untracked.

TOR is famous among hacktivist, because they think this new protocol providing secure network, more secure than older protocol.
That attracting anothers bad activity, such hacking service, selling trojan, stolen credit card, banned film, child porn, hacked document, drug transaction, and even gun dealer.
Below is example of online black market at deep web (for education only)

So deep web is all about illegal thing ?
Thats not fully true.. TOR (The Onion Router) originally developed by U.S Navy to make secure communication. Well.. world really spinning huh,, developed by US Navy, but end up in "underground " people.
You can imaging it like secure communication through VPN software, so except hacker and black market, actually many legal activity done by using deep web,
For example:
News reporter at conflict country where internet is highly controlled by goverment.
Human right activist also need secure communication, to protect their life from threat, when sending out information.
Goverment intellegent, Company, Scientist, etc. already use secure and private protocol since longtime ago.


Deep web is not only TOR. TOR it self just introduced at 2002-2005, so this application layer protocol is relative new if compared to others protocol.
Just like mentioned before,, many people actually already use deep web, before today deep web transform become different meaning.

VPN provider usually use IPsec and offering paid anonymity to users since privacy become internet concern.
And since longtime ago, Linux users already use secure shell (SSH), IRC, Telnet, etc.

Let's review back, early question,, how actually people translating deep web meaning ?
It is just born new "onion" full with cyber crime, child porn, and drugs dealer,
or....  included all others legal activity and others crypto protocol ?

Personally i will vote deep web not only just TOR with black activity. Many good thing we can do with anonymity.


If you think TOR is 100% secure, so you can downloading child porn, looking for stolen credit card list, or order some cocaine without risk at all, i suggesting you to think twice. Back to point above, TOR is just developed few years back, so this new crypto protocol actually not credible yet to be called "anonymous network", and some test revealing security weakness,
1. eavesdropping (autonomous and exit node)
2. tor exit node block
3. bad apple attack
4. heartbleed bug
5. javascript anonymity attack

From all above weakness, Bad Apple Attack is most weakness i like to tell to you,, this test conducted 23 day by some French Institute, and successful reveal 10,000 IP address.


Firstly, major activity at TOR deep web is drugs market, and it maybe against yours goverment law. For example, some drugs maybe LEGAL at some country, but maybe ILEGAL at yours country. Also you need to think about how yours drug will be delivered, and how if drugs courier busted by police, that will leading to yours home.
Drugs dealer contributing more than 15% of deep web activity. Biggest contributor.

Like you can see at picture above, Fraud and Bitcoin related, is next rank after drugs. So it is not warranty yours "little dirty deal"  payment will secure, since most of them surely will not accept bank payment, You will hard tracking seller to ask return if something goes wrong, because this is what Deep Web build for,,, an anonymity.

Hacking and Anonymity under 5%, it is not wondering if some hacktivist begine leaving TOR network.

Anothers thing you need to worry is undercover goverment intellegent.
Maybe it just my theory, but i think it is not over paranoid theory when you enter deep web, maybe just curious to know how it is looks a like, or reading some goverment conspiracy, or some story about alien.
Honestly, i think Youtube is more than enough to spend your time watching a ton of conspiracy theory.
But when enter deep web just to get more about that,  do you ever wondering who will put eye on you?

Just like Mr. Edward Snowden leaked to us,  many famous VPN providers under NSA surveillance, so maybe they will put an eye to deep web too, or... maybe already on going.
And already mentioned before, TOR is not fully anonymous, and some security test can leaking  serious issue to anonymity.
Most issue adressed to VPN providers is centralized server, and we don't know what they gonna do with our data.
Different with TOR, server run by voulenteer, to ensure no centralized data, so anonymity more good, but to much ilegal activity involving this network lately.
I ever try different network with same concept as TOR, relay server, and also server run by voulenteer, this project is based some activist to bypass goverment restriction. And i think in the future will be so many "deep web" network variant, with more focus to better internet privacy.

Ok, that all about deep web topic for now, this post for educational only, hope you get something useful

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