August 27, 2015

Microsoft released Windows 10 already, but maybe some of you don't want install this new O.S, and choose stay with win8 or win7.
But everytime login, you maybe get annoying Windows 10 Upgrade Notification/Button.
So how to remove this Windows 10 Upgrade notification? Here is some simple tutorial..

Uninstall KB3035583

Go to Control Panel and select Program, click View Installed Update then find and uninstal update KB3035583. This will be stop upgrade to Windows 10 notification show up at yours older Windows.

How to Stop Upgrade Notification Re-appears

To preventing upgrade to windows 10 come back again, go to control panel, select System and Security,  Windows Update, then Find for Update.
Wait until finish searching update, then again find KB3035583 then right click on it, and select Hide Update. This will excluding this update when you install any update in the future.

Hope this simple tutorial useful for you, if you want stay with older Windows, and want to hide update Windows 10 notification from yours desktop screens.

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