August 26, 2015

Backlink/Inbound link is primary part of SEO, all know to make our blog/web indexed fast at search engine, More backlink is more good.
And as you know, there is 2 way to create backlink,

First is manual backlink by adding your blog/web adress (url) to other blog/website, blogger common call it blog walking. Anothers way is by exchange your link with others blogger, so you got backlink, and others get backlink from you. That is manual and natural way to created backlink, and probability Google more like this method. However creating backlink with this method need hard work, and took a time. And when you in hurry, you can use 2nd way, which is automatic and more faster.

and number 2, more easy way, by using backlink builder which is usually offered by some guys out there in return you paid some money to get backlink. But there is free way, a.k.a free backlink, and you can get this without paying money. This autobacklink will generated more backlink instanly. It done automaticly, and you will get alot backlink for your blog/website in very short time. which is more popular called Free backlink auto generator.

Back link autogenerator is generated by script, so all you need to do is insert your blog/web url, and drink some coffee while waiting process to make backlink done. And where you can get back link generator ?
So many website out there is providing backlink generator for free, but since it is free, usually you will get "nofollow" backlink, but sometime you can get "dofollow" backlink, with high Google "Page Rank" for free,, well... if you smart choose it and perhaps lucky luke.

Auto backlink work by push your url to many others website. One single click can make 100, 2000, 5000+ backlink for your blog/web. Usually pushed to website "about us" review site, indexing site, etc. And after it push (added) then it will ping automaticly.

Positive site by using free backlink generator is to build backlink fast, useful for new site, to help it indexed by search engine faster. And also, each backlink generator having different list, so each backlink generator will push your url to different website, which is having different PR, different link attribute (nofollow/dofollow) and also different Alexa rank. It open possibility you get good backlink for free.

There some debate out there about effectivity of backlink auto builder. From that kind of backlink not effecting Google search result at all, until some said auto backlink will resulting yours adsense account suspended. Or even your blog/website will never listed at search engine anymore.
That myth of auto backlink not fully true, since it is backlink, so technically it just link at others website, it will not drive traffic, so not effecting adsense view or click.
But not fully false too, since backlink generator will build and send your link automatic, so maybe yours link will placed at others website which not related to yours blog/web category, topic, keyword. And search engine like Google issued having special algorythm to deal with auto backlink, how that working? true or just paid SEO service scary tale, i really don't know.

Ok, and here is list of website which is providing free backlink generator for you
Backlink Box
Backlink Generator

Free backlink tool

Real backlink
Free Backlink Builder

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