March 19, 2015

Many others website and blog listing only VPN service which giving limited bandwith and trial account, so free VPN service today known as awful choice with lag of internet capability and questionable internet privacy and security.
But some free VPN service out there still giving free service with unlimited bandwith usage and also never expired free account.
And here is list of free VPN service with unlimited bandwith meter, and unlimited free account to help you unblock restriction and stay anonymous.

Free VPN service with unlimited bandwith, no need registration, and no speed limitation.
Spotflux software is easy and simple to use, simple setting to choose TCP or UDP, and proxy seting if you using it.
Bad thing i don't like of free version is to many annoying ads injected to your browser, and only 1 server as option, and that server at US.
Internet over VPN trending rapidly because US spying issue, so depend on US server at free version maybe downgrading user trush.

This free VPN service give you unlimited bandwith, and also unlimited connection time for free. Free version also encrypted, you get annonymous IP adress, and support openvpn.
However free version not support PPTP and not allowed torrenting. and speed is limited.
maximum 300kbps, maybe useful if some site like youtube blocked at your country but how about buffering?

Famous VPN service with completely free for forever, unlimited bandwith and no registration needed. That mean you no need providing e-mail adress to start use it. just download and instal cyberghost software.
Cyberghost have over 400 server to choose, with anti fingerprinting feature so they insure your internet connection is fully anonymous.
Talk about free for forever, yes it is, but free version disconnected every 3 hours. after that we can reconnect normally. so which is right ? free forever or free 3 hours only? :D

Free VPN service with unlimited bandwith, unlimited speed, no need account and registration, no ads, many dozen server to choose. Seems all perfect ? it is almost..
VPNGATE is based Softether P2P VPN system, original project developed by University of Tsubuka Japan. The goal is help user from restricted country to bypass censorship. The only downside is server run by volunteer from around the world, so server speed very variable since it is run by individual or small group, and you will not know what they put inside their server.

Give you free VPN service with unlimited bandwith, no time limitation, no registration, but come with ads to support their finance.
They also supporting many device and platforms, such Windows, iOS, Android and Mac.

Betternet is totally easy to use, just single button to connect or disconnect. No registration needed, unlimited bandwith and speed. This free VPN service claiming not store any log.
Negative side maybe in over simple interface in both Betternet software and their website.
No server to choose, no setting to change parameter.

This free VPN come with unlimited bandwith, no registration needed, and no ads. Come with some setting to adjust parameter such TCP/UDP, port and proxy. Only 1 server available at VPNIUM free version, a Canadian server. And speed is limited. So yes it is slow.

Openvpn is open source project, with openvpn protocol you get strong encryption, many website saying this protocol is the best open source protocol today, and then begine used by many others VPN provider as their tunneling protocol. Negative side, so far default openvpn client software is not user friendly, this need extra efford to make it work, you need to download configuration file each different server, and need manual typing username and password each login. Good news is many other VPN provider giving account for free.
PPTP  is Poin To Poin Tunneling Protocol. Windows user can setup this connection from control panel without installing any software.

how ever both openvpn and pptp protocol need username and password, some of them is paid service, but some others is free out there, and below is some of website providing free openvpn and pptp account as their service.

Free VPN service based openvpn. Unlimited bandwith, and no need registration. You just need to visit their website and download configuration file, and then typing username and password. VPNBOOK doesn't come with sofware, so need to use openvpn client software.

FREEVPN.ME providing free VPN service with unlimited bandwith, and no registration needed. support 2 protocol, openvpn and pptp. You just need to visit their website to see username and password. This free VPN service also allowing torrent (P2P).
But to use it need extra knowledge about setting up openvpn or pptp protocol, not providing software to install, so you need to use default openvpn software.

just like, this free VPN service is use openvpn protocol, and pptp protocol. so need extra configuration to make it work. and also not come with software, so need to use default openvpn client.

Another free VPN based openvpn, need default openvpn softwareto use, need visit their website to get configuration file and username.

Thing to consider when using free VPN service is our privacy and security, because that is what VPN function for.
Beside lack of speed and annoying ads, the idea about VPN provider selling our data is always become main topic, since they need income to fund their service.
That is not myth, but maybe not all free VPN provider like that. Free VPN service with annoying ads or limited speed maybe more respecting our privacy, compared with free service with all nicely free. Logically, that ads can be used for funding their service.
And don't forget to always read first, about term of service, F.A.Q, and others information related to privacy at their website, and then read some review from others user at some forum is more better. Before use and instal their free VPN software.

Hope this post give something useful for you :) or you have different idea about the best free unlimited vpn service?
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