February 25, 2015

Boring with yours Mozilla Firefox crash ? or you concern about your privacy, and knowing Google Chrome may not fully respect it ? this list of alternative internet browsers maybe useful to know.

From browsers for online privacy concerns, browser for multimedia and downloading, simple leight weight browser, portable browser, until browser for gaming.
and here we go..

Number 1 is Maxthon web browser. This "made in China" cloud based browsers begine popular lately, because NSA spying scandals revealed by Edward Snowdent. Many internet users begine lossing trusth to US software and move on to non-US software. And as US rivals, this Chinese web browsers looks promissing so far for online privacy and anti NSA spying.
Not only privacy, but also giving alot of feature,  from rich extensions, Multi PC  and multi platform sync,  mobile version, and it based cloud computing, so you also can store yours download to cloud storage as well.

Number 2 is White Hat Aviator internet browsers. This browsers focus to online privacy as their top promotions. By default, your tap openned in icognito mode, this browser also cut all ads, block all autoplay, and remove all yours trace when you close a tap. And by default, this web browsers use DuckDuckGo search engine, which not link search activity like Google search engine did.


You may anti US online spying, but not like China as well ? don't worry, if Maxthon browsers made in China, this SRWare Iron is Germany made browsers. And it based Chromium project, so interface almost same as Chrome and you can install yours Google Chrome extension at this browsers too. 
So what different with Chrome ?
This internet browsers disable Omnibox auto complete, and others google specified code. 

Coowon browsers Interface
Ok.. move from privacy concern web browsers, this Coowon web browsers is dedicated for online gamers. This browsers support multi account login each different tap. Also support game pad, such Logitech and Xbox game controller. And have BOSS button, so you can hide all yours game activity by single click when yours boss come.


This web browsers is simple and leight weight browsers, unlike others above, this browsers aiming to simple internet users, and for users with low spec computers. This web browsers also having portable versions, and use DuckDuckGo search engine by default. Don't expect rich extension and plugins at this browsers so far, because developed by small team and still young age compared to others browsers. but if you only need to browse some website, this browsers maybe good for daily use.

That alternative browsers maybe good to have if you having trouble with yours Mozilla or Chrome, or simply you boring with yours current web browsers software.

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